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Tragedy to triumph

In 2007, Britney Spears had a lot of personal tragedy.
It announced that she was taking many drugs, she became alcoholic and she also had problems with the parents of their children.

Britney is less cared his image and that also was another problem, because normally the singer is very caring and always we saw her very neat.

Although she had all these problems, she could leave of them and we might call it a great triumph, she didn’t exceed at all, but now we see another Britney and not that of two years ago. Now she exceeded the problem of drugs and alcohol and solved the problem of the children, now he is happier .That is a great victory for Britney.

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2.2. Choose ONE of these topics and analyze its role within the play:

- THE FANCY DRESS PARTY: Are the costumes the characters wear in the party relevant? What do they represent? Relate the knightly armour to chivalric love.
Clothing is one of the most explicit symbol of the film, which represents each character.
In the movie capulets always wear black or dark clothing that represents evil, cruelty and causing all the problems in Verona.
But the Montague wear colorful clothes, manners and religious crosses.
At the Capulet party,
Romeo is dressed as a knight who represents honesty, purity, courage, romance, a hero.
Juliet is dressed as angel represents purity, beauty, innocence, dependency ...
The chivalrous love treats itself about the gentleman that it he possesses a platonic love to which it he wants to conquer and to court of all the possible ways to be able to conquer his heart.This type of love was proper of the time of Shakespers because of it, one sees reflected in his work of Romeo and Juliet.

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The differences between the original and the movie aren't many but there is no doubt that there are some; we will put some of them, which we believe are most important:

-in the film is that before Romeo drinks the poison, Juliet wakes up and stretches his hand to hold him and that's when he was drunk and starts to get bad, but still sees her awake, and kiss embraces before dying.

-Also In the end, if Paris had come to the tomb of Juliet as in the book hasn't been so tragic and romantic final.

-The city of Verona is hosting events in both versions, with one big difference between the two, which is that one was written in 1595 and the other late twentieth century...

-The clothing is very different from one era to another and has been seen in the film.

-The book says the battle between the Montague and capulets happening in the city center but in the movie is what happens in a gas station.

-Dialogues are the same, but they removed scenes like the scene in which Romeo is going to buy the poison to apothecary or part of the conversation at the beginning and end of the nurse Juliet tells Romeo that has remained untouched.

- in the movie the beach appears on the other hand in the book not.
- in the movie the narrator is the TV i in the book not.
- in the movie Paris does not die but in the book Romeo kills it in the tomb when he is going to see Juliet.
- the most powerful in the book was the prince but in the movie it was the policeman.

-In the book when they fight, they do it with swords on the other hand in the movie they use firearm.

These parts are removed and they added scenes that weren’t in the book as in celebration, of a young Capulet get to sing or when the friends of Romeo annoy the mother.


1. Who were the Shakespeares and the Ardens, and what was each family's place in local society?

Shakespeares are the family of father’s william, John Shakespeare the father of william was born in 1531 came from a family of yeomen, and he gained many prestigious positions in the community. William’s father, worked as a glove-maker and farmer before becoming a council-member or Alderman for the town of Stratford-upon-Avon.
The Ardens family is his mother’s family. Mary Arden was born in 1540 as a member of the noble Catholic family of the Ardens of Park Hall whose family forebears had been given land by William the Conqueror.The family's financial situation was well off. The Ardens were one of Warwickshire's most prominent families, tracing its ancestry back beyond the Norman Conquest to the Doomsday Book.

2. What was the population of London during Shakespeare's time? Can you briefly describe what the city was like at the time? How did it smell like?

A city of wealth and spectacle.London at the time of Elizabeth's death in 1603 was a thriving commercial metropolis, with an estimated population of 140,000 or more inside its medieval walls. But fifty years ago the population was by 50,000 habitants and with the immigration from other countries London began to grow very quickly.
The population of London at the time of Shakespeare was unquestionably a city of wealth and spectacle, but it was also dirty because it had many infectious diseases because people used to throw trash out of the window to the street. also inadequate light and air thanks to the increasing numbers of tenement blocks built with upper stories jutting out over the street.

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My Symbol!

I put this image because I love the Fairies and this Photo represents very much for my. I like it (L)

Presentation :)

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